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pls more levels 

i love this game idea please more world and levels!!!!¨pls

the program freezes whenever i try and click 'scene one' and i have to close out of it. dont know if its just me ;w;

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Hi, I have only just ome across your game but all I can say is it is amazing! The realism is uncanny and the physics are great however the controls could use a bit of tuning I would like to help within the development of this game as I believe this game is going to be a big hit. I am not a master coder however I recognise gceneral peices of code, I have better strength in ideas/creativity and beleive that I can be a great help. I look forward to being in touch with you.


Only thing i can say is tune down the strafing and disable airstrafing. everything great has already been said. A fantastic game!

Great game! 


Hey man, the game is amazing and addicting. I'm loving it and i've done the entire map about 50 times now. But the wallrunning is kind of hard, i'm fine with it tho, because games like these are about having skill. It would be awesome if you added some kind of storyline which is optional to do.  A new map would be cool too. I like to program things myself too and i know how hard it is, so to see the parkour elements (like the jumping) you added is really cool. Anyways, keep on programming!


[] güzel video oldu []harika bir oyun


i relly liked this game, if you keep on making new maps and improving some stuff like the wall running itll be a relly cool game


Wallrunning is impossible

I really need to play more parkour games >< This was fun, and I hope development is going well ^^

I covered the demo on my YouTube channel. Hope it helps bring in some more attention! 

I can see this game becoming big pls add a possible campaign and more detailed maps

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thoughts for the update:

-remove the flips and the roll

- keep the movement it is great

- I want too be able too use both sides of the black walls (wallrun)

Edit: I really would like to have a mapeditor and a speedrun section + leaderboard I think that would fit perfectly into the game.

Man make a error fix video of this game

I don't get the wallrunning in this game. It seems to work differently than wallrunning in any other game I'm used to. Or either challenges are stupidly incredibly hard from the beginning, I can't even leap over the first wall after wallrunning.

This game is amazing!

Hi! This game is a cool little game with some unique concept! Well who doesn't love parkour lol and I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!


so its mirrors edge

ShadowIsTheBEst same

When i press scene 1 is says to me has stopped working

the mouse sensitivity is too high and even when i put it on 1 it just

When will the next update be out?

Love it! Hope you guys like it.

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#Challenge I did the same challenge again but this time I hold space

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#challenge run from checkpoint 1 to checkpoint 1 without touching the basic floor and as pretty as possible.

I love this game but I can only get one scene I don't know if there is only one scene or not but either way is still very fun.

Dude, the linux version of the game doesn't work at all. judging from the launcher, the version is only for x32 bit. will you make it x64 as well? all i get is launcher, i open the game, (made with unity pesonal edition screen) and crashes.

i cant start the game. in the start menu when you first start the game it says that the start menu is under maintence and i dont know if the game just can be started, or if there is a certain key you press. Help!

Click start

i cant start the game. in the start menu when you first start the game it says that the start menu is under maintence and i dont know if the game just can be started, or if there is a certain key you press. Help!


It's quite slick. The one thing I would personally see removed is the flips, especially the front flips that happen on their own, it's a bit disorienting. Other than that, it's really slick, you nailed that movement.

I agree that it is slick but I love the fact that the dev. put flip jumps in the game. It gives you more style if you use them while jumping, therefore giving you a nice amount of different combinations and uniqueness to the game. The front flips, as you maybe already know, are used by real parkour professionals or even the beginners in order to soften the landing and redirect the momentum towards the floor towards the way they will be running at. In my opinion, the flips when you jump and land from a high place adds realism and a nice mechanic to the game that cannot be seen often. I also agree that the dev got the movement perfectly except for the strafing which is too sensitive and fast. I'd like more maps or 'scenes' for more experience and possible parkour routes, too.

Try and get this steam green lit and add custom workshop

When I try to launch scene 1, the game crashes



Had a lot of fun playing this game, wish I could have played longer but but finished all the challenges and checked all the rooftops. Can't wait for future updates!
Here's so gameplay!

I find the wall jump not easy. Aside from that the game is cool !

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